Investor Alerts - Daily Earning Ltd

Company: Daily Earning Ltd
Regulator: British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission
Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
Date: 20230105 05 Jan 2023
Subject: Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)

Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)
Comments: Public Statement - A forged investment business licence bearing the name Daily Earning Ltd is being circulated and is falsely purporting to be authorised and licensed in the BVI for the purpose of carrying out investment business by dealing in investments as an entity licensed and regulated by the FSC. Daily Earning Ltd is not and has never been licensed or regulated to carry on investment business, or any financial services business, in or from within the Territory. The general public is advised to exercise extreme caution if solicited at any time to conduct business with Daily Earning Ltd.