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Portable Document Format (PDF) 14 November 2018
CR08/2018 IOSCO Report: Leverage
Comments on the report should be submitted by 1 February 2019
Portable Document Format (PDF) 16 August 2018
CR07/2018 Governance arrangements for critical OTC derivatives data elements (other than UTI and UPI)
Comments and responses to general and specific questions are solicited by 27 September 2018 and should be sent to the secretariats of both the CPMI ( and IOSCO ( using the dedicated form. The submitted form with comments will be published on the websites of the BIS and IOSCO unless respondents specifically request otherwise.
Portable Document Format (PDF) 04 July 2018
CR05/2018 Commodity Storage and Delivery Infrastructures: Good or Sound Practices
Comments on the report should be submitted by 29 August 2018
Portable Document Format (PDF) 24 April 2018
CR04/2018 IOSCO Consultation Report on Good Practices for Audit Committees in Supporting Audit Quality
Comments on this consultation paper should be submitted by 24 July 2018

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