Africa / Middle-East Regional Committee

The AMERC is one of four regional committees constituted by IOSCO to focus on regional issues relating to securities regulation in the African / Middle-East region.

Members of the Africa / Middle-East Regional Committee


Ms. Nezha Hayat, Chairperson and CEO, Autorité Marocaine du Marché des Capitaux, Morocco

Vice Chair

Mr. Ian Johnston, Chief Executive, Dubai Financial Services Authority, DIFC, Dubai

Board Representative

Mr. Dhanesswurnath Thakoor, Chief Executive, Financial Services Commission, Mauritius

Members (28)

Commission d'Organisation et de Surveillance des Opérations de Bourse, Algeria
(Mr. Bouzenada Youcef, Chairman)

Comissão do Mercado de Capitais, Angola
(Mrs. Vanessa Simões, Chairwoman)

Central Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain, Kingdom of
(Mr. Ali Haroon Alamer, Acting Director of the Central Bank of Bahrain's Capital Markets Supervision Directorate)

Auditoria Geral do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários, Banco Central of Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde
(Ms. Ana Cristina Lopes Semedo, General Audit)

Commission de Surveillance du Marché Financier de l'Afrique Centrale (Securities and Exchange Commission of Central Africa), Central Africa
(Ms. Danielle Bunduku-Latha, Secretary General)

Dubai Financial Services Authority, DIFC, Dubai
(Mr. Ian Johnston, Chief Executive)

Financial Regulatory Authority, Egypt
(Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Executive Chairman)

Securities and Exchange Commission, Ghana
(Rev. Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh, Director General)

Securities and Exchange Organization, Iran
(Mr. Majid Eshghi, Chairman)

Jordan Securities Commission, Jordan
(Dr. Laith Ajlouni, Chairman)

Capital Markets Authority, Kenya
(Mr. Wyckliffe M. Shamiah, Chief Executive Officer)

Capital Markets Authority, Kuwait
(Dr. Ahmad Abdulrahman Al-Melhem, Chair and Managing Director)

Reserve Bank of Malawi, Malawi
(Mrs. Khumbo Mtalika, Director, Financial Sector Regulation Department)

Financial Services Commission, Mauritius
(Mr. Dhanesswurnath Thakoor, Chief Executive)

Autorité Marocaine du Marché des Capitaux, Morocco
(Ms. Nezha Hayat, Chairperson and CEO)

Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria
(Mr. Lamido Yuguda, Director-General)

Capital Market Authority, Oman, Sultanate of
(Mr. Abdullah Salim Al-Salmi, Executive President)

Palestine Capital Market Authority, Palestine
(Mr. Barraq Adli Rashed Nabulsi, General Director)

Qatar Financial Markets Authority, Qatar
(Mr. Tamy Ahmed Ali Al Boutamy Al Binali, Chief Executive Officer)

Capital Market Authority, Saudi Arabia
(Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Elkuwaiz, Chairman of the Board of the Capital Market Authority / Mr. Khaled Alhomoud, Board Commissioner)

Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa
(Ms. Astrid Ludin, Deputy Commissioner / Ms. Odette Eybers, Senior Legal Manager)

Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities, Syria
(Dr. Abdurahman Merhi, Chairman and CEO)

Capital Markets and Securities Authority, Tanzania
(Mr. Nicodemus D. Mkama, Chief Executive Officer)

Conseil du marché financier, Tunisia
(Mr. Salah Essayel, President)

Capital Markets Authority, Uganda
(Mr. Keith Kalyegira, Chief Executive Officer)

Securities and Commodities Authority, United Arab Emirates
(Mr. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, Chairman)

Autorité des Marchés Financiers de l’UMOA, West African Monetary Union
(Mr. Badanam PATOKI, Chairman)

Securities and Exchange Commission, Zambia
(Mr. Phillip K. Chitalu, Secretary and Chief Executive)

Associate Members (Non-Voting Members) (14)

Financial Services Regulatory Authority, Abu Dhabi
(Mr. Emmanuel Givanakis, Chief Executive Officer)

African Development Bank Group, Africa
(Mr. Akin Adigun, Senior Capital Markets Officer)

Union of Arab Securities Authorities, Arab Union
(Mr. Jalil Tarif, Secretary General)

Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority, Botswana
(Mr. Oduetse Andrew Motshidisi, CEO)

Financial Services Regulatory Authority, Eswatini
(Mr. Ncamiso T. Ntshalintshali, Chief Executive Officer / Babhekile Matsebula, General Manager: Capital Markets Development)

Iraq Securities Commission, Iraq
(Faisal Al Haimus, President of the Iraq Securities Commission)

Capital Markets Authority, Lebanon
(Mr. Riad Salame, Chairman / Mr. Walid Kadri, Executive Board Member / Ms. Nadine Abdel Nour, Secretary General)

Banco de Moçambique, Mozambique
(Dr. Rogério Zandamela, Governor / Mrs. Elda Monteiro, Director / Mr. Jamal Omar, Director)

Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority, Namibia
(Mr. Kenneth S Matomola, Acting CEO)

Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, Qatar
(Mr. Michael G. Ryan, Chief Executive Officer)

Capital Market Authority, Rwanda
(Ms. Staci Warden, Chairperson)

Financial Services Authority, Seychelles
(Ms. Virginie Quatre, Director Capital Markets, Collective Investment Schemes Supervision Sectionvation)

Prudential Authority, South Africa
(Ms. Suzette Vogelsang, Head of Department: Banking, Insurance and FMI Supervision Department / Ms. Shamila Kara, Divisional Head: FMI Supervision)

Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
(Mr. Gerald Dzangare, Acting Chief Executive Officer)