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  1. The IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board welcomed the progress of standard-setting activities and concurred with the importance of the oversight by the IFRS Foundation Trustees
    11 Jun 2024 - View Release
  2. Monitoring Group Invites Applicants Interested in Joining the Public Interest Oversight Board
    07 Jun 2024 - View Release
  3. IOSCO publishes Good Practices to improve trading venues’ resilience in case of Market Outages
    05 Jun 2024 - View Release
  4. IOSCO publishes Final Report on Leveraged Loans and CLOs Good Practices for Consideration
    03 Jun 2024 - View Release
  5. IOSCO concludes its 49th Annual Meeting
    29 May 2024 - View Release
  6. IOSCO advances Global Sustainability Disclosures Agenda with enhanced Capacity Building Initiatives
    28 May 2024 - View Release
  7. IOSCO Board elects Jean-Paul Servais as Chair for a further term
    28 May 2024 - View Release
  8. IOSCO welcomes IESBA’s consultation on the Proposed International Ethics Standards for Sustainability
    10 May 2024 - View Release
  9. IOSCO announces Tajinder Singh as acting Secretary General
    07 May 2024 - View Release
  10. IOSCO publishes an updated Workplan
    12 Apr 2024 - View Release
  11. IOSCO seeks feedback on the Evolution of Markets Structures and Proposed Good Practices
    04 Apr 2024 - View Release
  12. IMF and IOSCO organise a first joint conference during the Annual Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank
    27 Mar 2024 - View Release
  13. The IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board reaffirmed the importance of ongoing oversight of the standard-setting activities and governance of the IFRS Foundation
    04 Mar 2024 - View Release
  14. CPMI-IOSCO publish discussion paper and call for comments on streamlining variation margin in centrally cleared markets
    14 Feb 2024 - View Release
  15. Monitoring Group Pleased to Report Strong Progress Implementing Recommendations to Strengthen the International Audit, Assurance, Ethics, and Independence Standard-Setting System
    06 Feb 2024 - View Release
  16. IOSCO seeks feedback on Post Trade Risk Reduction Services
    26 Jan 2024 - View Release
  17. BCBS-IOSCO report sets out recommendations for good margin practices in non-centrally cleared markets
    17 Jan 2024 - View Release
  18. BCBS-CPMI-IOSCO publish consultative report on transparency and responsiveness of initial margin in centrally cleared markets
    16 Jan 2024 - View Release
  19. FSB and IOSCO publish policies to address vulnerabilities from liquidity mismatch in open-ended funds
    20 Dec 2023 - View Release
  20. IOSCO Finalises its Policy Recommendations for Decentralized Finance
    19 Dec 2023 - View Release