Committee on Enforcement and the Exchange of Information (Committee 4)

Committee 4 aims to help prevent and detect the breaches of securities laws and regulations in global financial markets. It seeks to implement global enforcement cooperation under the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Consultation and Cooperation and the Exchange of Information (MMoU), the international standard for cooperation and information exchange.

Members of Committee 4


Ms. Marianne Olson, Assistant Director, Securities and Exchange Commission, United States of America


Mr. Kenneth Lai, Director, Policy and International, Enforcement Division, Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong

Members (35)

Comisión Nacional de Valores, Argentina
(Ms. Patricia Boedo, Vice Chairman / Dr. Julian Costoya, Manager of Inspection and Investigation / Mr. Manuel Ballón, Deputy Manager of the Legal Advisory Division)

Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australia
(Ms. Molly Choucair, Senior Executive Leader, Markets Enforcement)

Securities Commission of The Bahamas, Bahamas
(Ms. Mechelle Martinborough, Senior Legal Counsel)

Financial Services and Markets Authority, Belgium
(Mr. Antoine Van Cauwenberge, Coordinator for International Affairs, Secretary of the Supervisory Board)

Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, Brazil
(Mr. Eduardo Manhães Ribeiro Gomes, Head of the International Affairs Department)

British Columbia Securities Commission, British Columbia
(Mr. Mark Hilford, Deputy Director, Enforcement)

China Securities Regulatory Commission, China
(Mr. Yanchun He, Deputy Director-General, Enforcement Bureau / Mr. Ziyao Lu, Director, Enforcement Bureau / Ms. Xioalei Ye, Department of International Affairs / Mr. Jianan Lu, Enforcement Bureau)

Dubai Financial Services Authority, DIFC, Dubai
(Ms. Sara Galadari, Associate Director, Head of International Relations / Mr. Christopher D’Cotta, Associate Director in Enforcement)

Autorité des marchés financiers, France
(Mr. Christophe Caillot, Directorate of Investigation and Controls)

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Germany
(Mr. Michael Kehr, Senior Officer, International Policy, Financial Stability and Regulation / Mr. Laurenz Pigge, Officer, International Policy, Financial Stability and Regulation)

Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Greece
(Mrs. Vassiliki Koularmani, Director of International Relations, Directorate of International Relations / Ms. Vaso Galanopoulou, Head to Department of International Relations)

Guernsey Financial Services Commission, Guernsey
(Mr. Simon Gaudion, Director of Enforcement / Mrs. Charisma Lyall, General Counsel)

Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong
(Mr. Kenneth Lai, Director, Policy and International, Enforcement Division / Ms. Agnes Ng, Senior Manager, International and Policy Unit, Enforcement)

Securities and Exchange Board of India, India
(Mr. Pradip Bhowmick, Deputy General Manager / Ms. G Babita Rayudu, Executive Director)

Israel Securities Authority, Israel
(Ms. Heli Battan, Adv. International Affairs Department / Ms. Ronit Mandelbaum Lahovizer, Senior Assistant to the Legal Counsel of the Investigations, Intelligence and Market Surveillance Department)

Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa, Italy
(Ms. Irene Tagliamonte, Senior Officer, International Relations Office / Ms. Raffaella Pantano, Senior Officer, International Relations Office)

Financial Services Agency / Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, Japan
(Mr. Yukihiro Mori, Deputy Director (International Affairs), Planning and Management Division)

Financial Services Commission/Financial Supervisory Service, Korea, Republic of
(Mr. Minhyuk Choi, Deputy Director of Capital Market Investigation Coordination Division / Mr. Jongmin Hong, Assistant Deputy Director of Capital Market Investigation Coordination Division / Mr. Sanghyeok Jeong, Senior Examiner of Investigation Department 1 / Ms. Taeyoen Kim, Examiner of Investigation Department 3)

Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores, Mexico
(Mr. Javier Flores, General Director for International Affairs / Ms. Ethel Ramirez Morales, Deputy General Director for International Affairs)

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, The Netherlands
(Mr. Bas de Wit, Head, Department of Legal Affairs)

Financial Markets Authority, New Zealand
(Ms. Margot Gatland / Mr. Nick Kynoch, General Counsel)

Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria
(Ms. Temitope Onwionoko, Head, Enforcement Division)

Ontario Securities Commission, Ontario
(Mr. John Humphreys, Investigation Counsel, Enforcement)

Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Poland
(Mr. Łukasz Szmit, Specialist, Enforcement Department)

Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários, Portugal
(Ms. Rita Cunha, International Relations Expert)

Autorité des marchés financiers, Quebec
(Mr. Éric Jacob, Executive Director, Enforcement / Ms. Anne-Louise Lamarre, Executive Advisor)

Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore
(Ms. Charmaine Chiu, Deputy Director, Enforcement Policy and Legal, Enforcement Department / Ms. Peggy Pao-Keerthi, Executive Director, Enforcement Department / Ms. Shu-en Kok, Deputy Director and Head, Enforcement Policy and Legal, Enforcement Department)

Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa
(Mr. Gerhard van Deventer)

Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, Spain
(Ms. Sonia Vadillo, Deputy Director of International Affairs)

Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
(Ms. Buddhinee Herath, Senior Assistant Manager-Investigations / Mr. Tushara Jayaratne, Director External Relations and Capital Market Education External Relations and Capital Market Education / Ms. Sheena Goonaratna, Manager, External Relations)

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Switzerland
(Mr. Dominik Leimgruber, Head of International Cooperation)

Capital Markets Board, Türkiye
(Ms. Selcan Olca, Senior Expert, Strategy Development Dept. / Mrs. Nükhet ERİŞ, Senior Expert, Enforcement Dept.)

Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom
(Mr. Graham Smith, Technical Specialist)

Commodity Futures Trading Commission, United States of America
(Ms. Elizabeth Padgett, Associate Chief Counsel, Head International Enforcement Cooperation, Division of Enforcement / Ms. Camille M. Arnold, Special Counsel, Office of International Affairs / Ms. Mary Q. Lutz, Assistant Chief Counsel, Enforcement / Ms. Jennifer Diamond, Assistant Chief Counsel, Enforcement)

Securities and Exchange Commission, United States of America
(Ms. Marlee Miller, Senior Special Counsel / Ms. Marianne Olson, Assistant Director / Ms. Estee Levine, Assistant Director / Mr. Tom Swiers, Branch Chief)