Global Certificate Program

Phase I at IOSCO
Phase I at IOSCO

  • One week-long in-person module on regulation and compliance
  • The tuition for the in-person Phase I hosted by IOSCO is offered at no cost.
  • Online learning materials (IOSCO Capacity Building Online Toolkit and selected IOSCO pre-course reading materials)
  • Primarily delivered by current or former regulators
  • In 2024, Phase I will be delivered in-person at IOSCO's premises on June 24-28, 2024.
  • 2024 Phase I Agenda
Phase II at Harvard
Phase II at Harvard

  • One week-long in-person module taught on campus at Harvard Law School
  • The tuition fee for the in-person Phase II hosted by PIFS and Harvard Law School is USD 7,500.
  • Focus on regulatory policy designed to remain ahead of the curve
  • Delivered by leading Harvard academics, securities regulators and leading public policy makers
  • In 2024, Phase II will be delivered in-person at Harvard Law School on December 9-13, 2024.
  • 2023 Phase II Agenda

The IOSCO/PIFS-HLS Global Certificate Program is a program for regulators of securities markets jointly organized by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Program on International Financial Systems and Harvard Law School (PIFS-HLS). The program has two phases:
  • Phase I, administered by IOSCO, consisting of the following components: online learning materials and a one week-long in-person module on regulation and compliance conducted at IOSCO's premises in Madrid (Spain).
  • Phase II, administered by PIFS-HLS, consisting of a one week-long in-person module taught on campus at Harvard Law School.
Phase I covers the fundamentals and intricacies of securities regulation and compliance and related current critical issues and is delivered primarily by current or former securities regulators. Phase II is intended to be forward looking with respect to current and future regulatory challenges and emerging issues and is delivered by leading Harvard academics, securities regulators and public policy makers. To ensure a cohesive program that meets the expectations of attendees, both IOSCO and PIFS-HLS share general oversight of the program.

The format of the program includes the use of case studies, hypothetical exercises and group exercises. There are course and pre-course readings for each phase.

The tuition for Phase I is offered at no cost to IOSCO members. The tuition fee for Phase II is USD 7,500.

The IOSCO/PIFS-HLS Global Certificate Program is offered to all IOSCO members. While any IOSCO member employee may attend the program, it is specifically designed for regulatory staff with strong leadership potential and approximately five to seven years of regulatory experience.

This program is a unique opportunity to bring securities regulators together in a structured yet flexible environment. Participants will share experiences and learn regulatory techniques and strategies that are practical, innovative, and representative of the very latest thought in enhanced securities regulation. The program is designed with the ultimate goal of immediately helping regulators from all over the world to enhance their skills in protecting investors, ensuring the integrity of the capital markets, and strengthening financial stability. Participants have up to three years to complete both phases of the Global Certificate Program. Successful attendees will be awarded a joint certificate of participation issued by IOSCO and PIFS-Harvard Law School. Participants are encouraged, but not mandated, to complete the two phases consecutively. Also, IOSCO members may attend any part of the program on a non-certificate basis.

John Coates

John F. Cogan, Jr. Professor of Law and Economics, Harvard Law School
Research Director, Center on the Legal Profession

Allen Ferrell

Harvey Greenfield Professor of Securities Law, Harvard Law School

Howell Jackson

James S. Reid, Jr. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Josh Lerner

Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School
Unit Head, Entrepreneurial Management

Hal Scott

Nomura Professor of International Financial Systems
Director, Program on International Financial Systems

For questions contact the IOSCO General Secretariat at: [email protected]

For information on how to register for Phase I and Phase II please visit the Members Area.