Committee on Regulation of Secondary Markets (Committee 2)

Committee 2 is concerned with recent developments in the structure of global capital markets and financial market infrastructure, and how they are affected by, and contributed to, the financial crisis. Particular attention is given to changes that impact the effectiveness and integrity of markets.

Members of Committee 2


Ms. Isadora Tarola, Head of Markets Division and Head of Market Infrastructures Surveillance Office, Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa, Italy


Mr. Liuyi Pi, Deputy Director-General, Department of Market Supervision, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China

Members (32)

Financial Services Regulatory Authority, Abu Dhabi
(Simon O'Brien, Executive Director – Markets)

Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australia
(Mr. Andrew McPherson, Senior Manager, Market Infrastructure / Caitlin Chau, Analyst, Market Infrastructure)

Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, Brazil
(Ms. Margareth Noda, Analyst at the Trading and Markets Supervision Office)

Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization, Canada
(Ms. Sonali GhuptaBhaya, Vice-President of Market Regulation Policy and Trading Conduct)

China Securities Regulatory Commission, China
(Mr. Liuyi Pi, Deputy Director-General, Department of Market Supervision / Ms. Qin He, Division Director, Department of Market Supervision)

Dubai Financial Services Authority, DIFC, Dubai
(Brad Douglas, Director and Acting Head of Markets)

Autorité des marchés financiers, France
(Mr. Patrice Aguesse, Head of Markets Regulation Policy Division)

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Germany
(Mr. Jean-Pierre Bußalb, Head of Division / Mr. Christoph Von Busekist, Deputy Head of Section 'Exchanges, Financial Infrastructures', Financial Stability Department, Deutsche Bundesbank / Mr. Sebastian Kimmer)

Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong
(Mr. Rico Leung, Executive Director, Supervision of Markets / Mr. Hokinson Ho, Associate Director, Supervision of Markets)

Securities and Exchange Board of India, India
(Dr. Ruchi Chojer, Executive Director / Mr. Sujit Prasad, Executive Director, Investigations Department)

Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa, Italy
(Ms. Isadora Tarola, Head of Markets Division and Head of Market Infrastructures Surveillance Office)

Financial Services Agency, Japan
(Mr. Jiro Masuda, Deputy Director for International Affairs Office)

Financial Services Commission/Financial Supervisory Service, Korea, Republic of
(Mr. Junhyung Kim, Senior Manager, Securities Market Team, Capital Market Supervision Department / Ms. Bosug Hong, Associate, Securities Market Team, Capital Market Supervision Department)

Capital Markets Authority, Kuwait
(Mr. Fawaz Boresli, Department Director, Studies & Capital Markets Developments Department)

Securities Commission, Malaysia
(Ms. Shamsul Bahriah Shamsudin, General Manager & Head of Institution Supervision)

Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores, Mexico
(Mr. Rodrigo Hernández, General Director of Securities Supervision / Ms. Ivette Casasola)

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, The Netherlands
(Mr. Hans Wolters, Senior Policy Advisor, Strategy, Policy and International Affairs Division)

Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria
(Mrs. Franca Obiageri Ebube, Senior Manager)

Ontario Securities Commission, Ontario
(Ms. Michelle Alexander, Manager of the Market Regulation Branch)

Autorité des marchés financiers, Quebec
(Ms. Elaine Lanouette / Mr. Martin Dominique, Senior Director, Market Structures)

Financial Supervisory Authority, Romania
(Mrs. Francesca Rainof, Responsible Officer, Electronic Supervision and Transactions Monitoring Unit)

The Bank of Russia, Russia
(Mr. Popov Kirill, Deputy Head of Infrastructure Supervision Division, Securities Market and Commodities Market Department)

Capital Market Authority, Saudi Arabia
(Mr. Saeed Juraybi, Director Market Surveillance & Analysis Department – Market Institutions Deputy)

Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore
(Mr. Tang Jong Chye, Deputy Director, Markets and Infrastructure Supervision Division)

Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa
(Nkosi Makoko)

Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, Spain
(Mr. Jose Vicente Garcia, Senior Advisor for Securities Markets / Marta Redondo Fernández, Senior Advisor for Securities Markets)

Finansinspektionen, Sweden
(Ms. Karin Jedkvist, Senior Securities Markets Specialist)

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Switzerland
(Thomas Güntensperger, Senior Supervision Specialist Financial Market Infrastructures)

Capital Markets Board, Türkiye
(Mr. Ender Kurtulan, Head, Market Oversight and Enforcement Dept. / Merve ASTIM, Expert, Corporate Finance Dept. / Mr. Ozan Alp Abaza, Expert, Market Oversight and Enforcement Dept)

Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom
(Ms. Gabriella Toth, Lead Associate, Trading Policy)

Commodity Futures Trading Commission, United States of America
(Mr. Shaheen Zuver, Attorney Advisor, Office of International Affairs)

Securities and Exchange Commission, United States of America
(Mr. David Shillman, Associate Director, Division of Trading and Markets / Ms. Kelly Riley, Senior Special Counsel, Division of Trading and Markets)

Observers (1)

European Securities and Markets Authority, European Union
(Mr. Jose Leitao de Seabra, Policy Officer, Markets and Digital Innovation Department)