Investor Alerts - Celsius International Funds PLC (Clone)

Company: Celsius International Funds PLC (Clone)
Regulator: Central Bank of Ireland
Jurisdiction: Ireland
Date: 20220905 05 Sep 2022
Subject: Miscellaneous
Comments: Celsius International Funds PLC (Clone), operating the website:, has been operating as an investment firm/investment business firm in the State in the absence of appropriate authorisation. Celsius International Funds PLC (Clone) is not authorised to provide investments services to persons in Ireland.

This unauthorised firm has cloned the details (name, address and authorisation number) of a legitimate Central Bank authorised designated investment fund, Celsius International Funds plc in order to add an air of legitimacy to the scam. It should be noted that there is no connection whatsoever between the Central Bank authorised firm and the unauthorised entity.