Investor Alerts - Get Paid by Fixed Rate

Company: Get Paid by Fixed Rate
Regulator: Financial Markets Authority
Jurisdiction: New Zealand
Date: 20240126 26 Jan 2024
Subject: Miscellaneous
Comments: We are concerned that Get Paid by Fixed Rate may be operating a scam.

It operates a website claiming to explore the best fixed term deposit rates and that deposits are protected under the ‘financial compensation scheme’. No such scheme is offered in New Zealand.

This website prompts consumers to enter personal contact information and details of proposed investments to get a “free, no-obligation consultation”.

FMA believe this website is a front, used to collect personal information from New Zealanders, which then enables overseas scammers to contact them with fictitious investments.

We recommend exercising extreme caution when dealing with this entity and do not provide it with any personal information.

Entity name: Get Paid by Fixed Rate
Legal Name: Market News 24-7
Email: [email protected]