Investor Alerts - Investing New Zealand

Company: Investing New Zealand
Regulator: Financial Markets Authority
Jurisdiction: New Zealand
Date: 20240126 26 Jan 2024
Subject: Miscellaneous
Comments: We are concerned that Investing New Zealand may be operating a scam.

It operates a website claiming to compare term deposit rates which states it offers “deposit protection up to $100,000 NZD per investment”, however no such scheme is currently offered in New Zealand.

This website prompts consumers to enter personal contact information and details of proposed investments.

A message is then sent advising that the customer “will receive a call from a broker with a comprehensive review of the best investment options tailored for you.”

FMA believe this website is a front, used to collect personal information from New Zealanders, which then enables overseas scammers to contact them with fictitious investments.

Entity name: Investing New Zealand
Address: (alleged) 287, Awly Building level 1/293 Durham Street North, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
Email: [email protected]