34th Annual Conference of IOSCO - Tel-Aviv, Israel, 8-11 June 2009

Public Documents

10 June 2009

Opening Ceremony

  1. Speech
    by Ms. Jane Diplock, Chairperson of the IOSCO Executive Committee and Chairperson of the New Zealand Securities Commission
    7 pages
  2. Welcoming remarks
    by Ms. Kathleen L. Casey, Chairman of the IOSCO Technical Committee and Commissioner of the U. S. Securities & Exchange Commission
    7 pages
  3. Speech
    by Mr. Guillermo Larrain, Chairman of the IOSCO Emerging Markets Committee and Chairman of the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros of Chile
    5 pages

Plenary 1 - Financial Stability in a Global Financial Environment? Learning the Lessons from the Market Crisis

  1. Learning the lessons of the financial crisis, Presentation
    by Mr. Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times, United Kingdom
    12 pages
  2. The Shadow Banking System and Hyman Minsky’s Economic Journey, Speech
    by Mr. Paul McCulley, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, PIMCO, United States of America
    12 pages

11 June 2009

Plenary 2 – Improving the Role of Securities Regulators in Changing Global Financial Systems

  1. Priorities for the Reform of Global Regulation - Challenging Past Assumptions, Speech and Presentation
    by Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, United Kingdom
    43 pages
  2. Regulatory Structure in Financial Regulation: Preliminary Observations, Presentation
    by Prof. John C. Coffee, Berle Professor of Law, Columbia University School of Law
    6 pages

Plenary 3 - The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Emerging Markets - Potential Mitigation Strategies

  1. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Emerging Markets: The Case of China, Presentation
    by Dr. Hua Yu, Vice Chairman, Fund Industry Committee, Securities Association of China and Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Stanley and Huaxin Fund Management Co. Ltd., China

    11 June 2009 - 15 pages

Plenary 4 - Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Documents released during the Conference

  1. Final Update on the XXXIVth Annual Conference of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

    11 June 2009 - 6 pages

  2. IOSCO Statement on International Auditing Standards

    11 June 2009 - 2 pages

Closing Session of the Conference

  1. IOSCO finalises policy responses to the financial crisis

    11 June 2009 - 5 pages