Other Alerts

Warning: Scam letters pretending to be from IOSCO

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) wants to bring to the notice of whom it may concern that several scam letters are currently in circulation pretending to be from IOSCO. To our knowledge, two types of different scam letters have been sent:

  • Letters directly requesting recipients to pay a sum of money.
  • Emails which contain letters on behalf of the Financial Control Service of Investment Company of IOSCO requesting bank details, sometimes preceded by telephone calls.

None of these communications have been or are made by IOSCO, so PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT OR PROVIDE ANY BANKING INFORMATION OF ANY KIND if you receive any of these communications. This is a telematic fraud committed by third parties to obtain funds by simulating IOSCO communications.

IOSCO does not make unsolicited communications, including emails or phone calls, asking for payments or seeking detailed personal and financial information.

IOSCO’s email domain is “iosco.org”; communications sent from other domains are not from IOSCO.

The International Organization of Securities Commissions would like to alert the public to the following:

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has set up the new Generic Top Level Domains Program (gTLD Program). This program administers the registration of domains1 in the category of Financial Services and Markets Sector.

Investors and consumers should note that the registration and use of one of these domains by a financial services company, investment firm or individual does not guarantee that the company or person using it has been authorized to operate by the relevant financial services regulator.

Investors and consumers are urged to consult the registry of authorized financial entities and individuals in their jurisdictions in order to confirm whether a company or individual using one of these domains is authorized to offer financial services. Unlike investors and consumers who employ authorized entities, those who deal with unauthorized firms and individuals receive no legal protection.

1capital, .cash, .cashbackbonus, .broker, .brokers, .claims, .exchange, .finance, .financial, .fianancialaid, .forex, .fund, .investments, .lease, .loan, .loans, .market, .markets, .money, .pay, .payu, .retirement, .save, .trading, .autoinsurance, .bank, .banque, .carinsurance, .credit, .creditcard, .creditunion, .insurance, .insure, .ira, .lifeinsurance, .mortgage, .mutualfunds, .mutuelle, .netbank, .reit, .tax, .travellerinsurance, .vermogensberater, vermogensberatung and vesicherung.