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  1. IOSCO Finalises its Policy Recommendations for Decentralized Finance
    19 Dec 2023 - View Release
  2. IOSCO publishes its Recommendations on Accounting for Goodwill
    15 Dec 2023 - View Release
  3. IOSCO seeks feedback on Proposed Good Practices to improve trading venues’ resilience in case of Market Outages
    14 Dec 2023 - View Release
  4. IOSCO uses presence at COP28 to drive debate on sustainable finance
    07 Dec 2023 - View Release
  5. IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board welcomes the achievements in the area of sustainability-related disclosure
    04 Dec 2023 - View Release
  6. IOSCO publishes a final report presenting supervisory practices across its members to address greenwashing
    04 Dec 2023 - View Release
  7. IOSCO publishes a Consultation Report to promote the integrity and orderly functioning of the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs)
    03 Dec 2023 - View Release
  8. IOSCO welcomes the consultation on the Proposed International Standard on Sustainability Assurance (ISSA) 5000 and the global outreach program
    01 Dec 2023 - View Release
  9. IOSCO Finalizes its Policy Recommendations for Crypto and Digital Asset Markets
    16 Nov 2023 - View Release
  10. Monitoring Group Appoints Board Members to the Public Interest Oversight Board
    27 Oct 2023 - View Release
  11. IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board meets in Panama City, Panama
    23 Oct 2023 - View Release
  12. IOSCO World Investor Week campaign successfully delivered in more than 100 jurisdictions
    13 Oct 2023 - View Release
  13. IOSCO World Investor Week kicks-off today promoting financial education and investor protection worldwide
    02 Oct 2023 - Available languages: English, Portuguese
  14. IOSCO Seeks Feedback on Proposed Good Practices on Leveraged Loans and CLOs and Publishes its Thematic Analysis on Emerging Risks in Private Finance
    14 Sep 2023 - View Release
  15. IOSCO establishes global approach to address risks in Decentralised Finance
    07 Sep 2023 - View Release
  16. CPMI and IOSCO report highlights the need for central counterparties to have adequate resources and appropriate tools to address non-default losses
    23 Aug 2023 - View Release
  17. Monitoring Group Reports on Progress to Implement Recommendations to Strengthen the International Audit, Assurance, Ethics, and Independence Standard-Setting System
    27 Jul 2023 - View Release
  18. IOSCO endorses the ISSB’s Sustainability-related Financial Disclosures Standards
    25 Jul 2023 - View Release
  19. IOSCO publishes a final report to help its members develop sound and well-functioning compliance carbon markets
    17 Jul 2023 - View Release
  20. IOSCO Proposes Detailed Guidance for Open-Ended Fund use of Anti-Dilution Liquidity Management Tools
    05 Jul 2023 - View Release