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  1. IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board welcomes finalization of the first two sets of standards by the International Sustainability Standards Board
    26 Jun 2023 - View Release
  2. IOSCO calls for inputs on Goodwill
    22 Jun 2023 - View Release
  3. IOSCO World Investor Week to focus on Investor Resilience, Crypto Assets, and Sustainable Finance
    22 Jun 2023 - Available languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  4. IOSCO marches forward on its standard setting and inclusiveness priorities
    15 Jun 2023 - View Release
  5. Monitoring Board completes revisions to its Charter and Memorandum of Understanding with the IFRS Foundation and sets out its 2023-2024 Work Plan
    31 May 2023 - View Release
  6. BCBS-CPMI-IOSCO publish analysis of margining dynamics in centrally cleared commodities markets during 2022 stress events
    24 May 2023 - View Release
  7. IOSCO Sets the Standard for Global Crypto Regulation
    23 May 2023 - View Release
  8. IOSCO Encourages Regulators, Responsible Entities and Trading Venues to Review and Adopt Good Practices for ETFs
    11 May 2023 - View Release
  9. IOSCO publishes a report to help its members enhance SPAC regulations
    10 May 2023 - View Release
  10. IOSCO welcomes the initiative by the IAASB to seek early engagement and broad inputs in the consultation on the new international sustainability assurance standard
    25 Apr 2023 - View Release
  11. Paul Munter appointed Chair of the Monitoring Group
    18 Apr 2023 - View Release
  12. IOSCO Commits to Deliver on Sustainability Disclosures and Crypto Exchanges in 2023 - IOSCO publishes Work Program for 2023-2024
    05 Apr 2023 - View Release
  13. IOSCO publishes final measures for regulators to consider in addressing emerging retail market conduct issues
    30 Mar 2023 - View Release
  14. IOSCO sets out key considerations to promote an effective global assurance framework for sustainability-related corporate reporting
    28 Mar 2023 - View Release
  15. Monitoring Group Welcomes Important Step in Implementing its Recommendations with the Establishment of the International Foundation for Ethics and Audit
    27 Mar 2023 - View Release
  16. IOSCO and Cambridge Judge Business School collaborate on a machine-learning pilot to assist emerging markets regulators
    09 Mar 2023 - View Release
  17. IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board meets in Tokyo, Japan
    09 Mar 2023 - View Release
  18. IOSCO welcomes the ISSB decision to enter into the finalisation phase of its inaugural corporate sustainability reporting standards
    17 Feb 2023 - View Release
  19. IOSCO members report high level of implementation for Regulator’s Principles
    15 Feb 2023 - View Release
  20. CPMI-IOSCO stocktake of industry progress on auctions
    14 Feb 2023 - View Release