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  1. The IOSCO World Investor Week kicks off with a call to enhance investor education and promote investor protection
    03 Oct 2022 - View Release
  2. BCBS-CPMI-IOSCO finalise analysis of margining practices during the March 2020 market turmoil
    29 Sep 2022 - View Release
  3. CPMI and IOSCO publish a report on access to central clearing and portability
    08 Sep 2022 - View Release
  4. Education on sustainable finance helps protect investors against fraud and greenwashing
    31 Aug 2022 - View Release
  5. The IOSCO World Investor Week continues to promote investor education and investor protection worldwide
    17 Aug 2022 - View Release
  6. CPMI and IOSCO publish a discussion paper on CCPs’ practices for addressing non-default losses
    04 Aug 2022 - View Release
  7. IOSCO welcomes the strong stakeholder engagement on proposals for a comprehensive global baseline of sustainability disclosures for capital markets
    27 Jul 2022 - View Release
  8. IOSCO Growth and Emerging Markets Committee issues recommendations related to the use of innovation facilitators
    14 Jul 2022 - View Release
  9. CPMI and IOSCO publish final guidance on stablecoin arrangements confirming application of Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures
    13 Jul 2022 - View Release
  10. IOSCO learns lessons from the operational resilience of trading venues and market intermediaries during the pandemic
    11 Jul 2022 - View Release
  11. IOSCO published its Crypto-Asset Roadmap for 2022-2023
    07 Jul 2022 - View Release
  12. CPMI-IOSCO assesses that Turkey has implemented the Principles for financial market infrastructures for two FMI types but material gaps remain for the other three
    06 Jul 2022 - View Release
  13. IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board welcomes strong momentum towards establishing IFRS Sustainability Disclosure standards
    01 Jul 2022 - View Release
  14. Monitoring Group Nominating Committee Publishes Open Call for Applications to the Public Interest Oversight Board
    10 Jun 2022 - View Release
  15. IOSCO to launch 2022 World Investor Week on 3-9 October 2022
    06 Jun 2022 - View Release
  16. IOSCO response to the conflict in the Ukraine
    26 May 2022 - View Release
  17. IOSCO releases report on issues and considerations of market data in secondary equity markets
    28 Apr 2022 - View Release
  18. Monitoring Group Publishes “The Value of High Quality Audits and the Importance of Funding an Independent Multi-stakeholder International Standard-setting Structure”
    08 Apr 2022 - View Release
  19. IOSCO seeks feedback on market liquidity issues affecting corporate bond markets under stress and good practices concerning ETFs
    06 Apr 2022 - View Release
  20. The IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board welcomes the consultation on the first two Sustainability Disclosure Standards by the International Sustainability Standards Board
    31 Mar 2022 - View Release