Digitalization C3 Questionnaire - Questions to Industry

Purpose of this survey

The internet and social media are changing how financial products are marketed and distributed. Firms use social media, digital tools, and online platforms to communicate, market, sell and distribute their products and services domestically and internationally. This not only leads to more opportunities for firms and consumers, but also has the potential to cause new supervisory and regulatory challenges. Therefore, the IOSCO Board identified the topic of retail distribution and digitalization as a priority.[[1]

Accordingly, members of IOSCO's Committee 3 on the Regulation of Market lntermediaries want to increase their understanding of how market intermediaries use online and digital channels to communicate, market, sell, and distribute financial products and services, as well as the associated risks and controls. This survey touches upon topics such as online targeting methods; selling techniques based on consumer psychology and behavior; market trends; and regulatory challenges.

The survey combines multiple choice questions and short form responses. Completing the survey takes approximately thirty minutes. Please complete the survey through the link provided by 15 May 2020. Firms are also invited to provide supporting materials by email to the IOSCO General Secretariat, Alp Eroglu at if they believe that it would be relevant for IOSCO to gain a better understanding of the ongoing developments in the area of digitalization. For the purposes of this survey, the terminology used is defined in a glossary. For general questions on content of the survey please contact your supervising national competent authority.

The survey results will be used anonymously and on an aggregated basis as part of a report that will be made available publicly. If you have any residual concerns about the treatment of your information, please contact the IOSCO general Secretariat at


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