Capacity Building

IOSCO delivers a range of comprehensive capacity building activities for its members.

IOSCO initiated its capacity building work over 25 years ago and it has grown steadily since then to become an integral part of IOSCO's offering to its members.

The overarching goal of this work is the implementation of globally consistent standards for securities regulation.

To reach this goal, the key objectives are to help securities regulators build their regulatory and supervisory capacity and be able to meet internationally recognised and consistent standards of regulation, oversight and enforcement.


The work is members-driven and needs-based and takes into account IOSCO’s priorities and overall work program.

IOSCO members have a variety of options at their disposal, from fundamental online content to training seminars and hands-on workshops and technical assistance, delivered in-person or virtually. These options include the IOSCO Online Capacity Building Toolkit, the Global Certificate Program for Regulators of Securities Markets, in-depth capacity building on topics like corporate sustainability reporting, cyber resilience, Risk Based Supervision, crypto and FinTech, as well as technical assistance on the IOSCO MMoU and on the development of onsite inspection and enforcement manuals, and many more.

The IOSCO Asia Pacific Capacity Building Hub, inaugurated in 2017, provides for an additional key delivery channel of capacity building offerings for IOSCO members.

Following a comprehensive review of the needs and priorities of the emerging market jurisdictions carried out in late 2023, IOSCO has taken forward an enhanced capacity building program NextGEN which stands for Nurturing Excellence Through Growth, Education and Networking.

With more than 30 programs per year that give due consideration to the diversity of the IOSCO membership and the different levels of development of their markets, NextGEN looks to leverage technology and new training solutions to ensure a significant impact and outreach of IOSCO’s capacity building activities.

To deliver its ambitious program, IOSCO partners with a variety of stakeholders such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Financial Stability Institute, IFRS Foundation, Toronto Centre, the Program on International Financial Systems and Harvard Law School, University of Cambridge Judge Business School, and Wharton.

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