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  1. IOSCO revises its 2011 Principles for the Regulation and Supervision of Commodity Derivatives Markets to ensure market integrity
    31 Jan 2023 - View Release
  2. IOSCO report provides new insights into global investment funds industry
    27 Jan 2023 - View Release
  3. Monitoring Group Nominating Committee Appoints Board Members to the Public Interest Oversight Board
    16 Jan 2023 - View Release
  4. Rodrigo Buenaventura of Spain appointed Chair of the IOSCO Sustainable Finance Task Force
    05 Dec 2022 - View Release
  5. Monitoring Group Reports on Progress to Implement Recommendations to Strengthen the International Audit and Ethics Standard-Setting System
    02 Dec 2022 - View Release
  6. IOSCO identifies sound education practices for securities regulators to consider in a crisis situation to support investor protection
    30 Nov 2022 - View Release
  7. CPMI and IOSCO report on financial market infrastructures' cyber resilience finds reasonably high adoption of cyber guidance but highlights one serious issue of concern and four issues of concern
    29 Nov 2022 - View Release
  8. IOSCO issues Feedback Statement on drivers of liquidity in corporate bond markets during COVID-19 induced market stresses
    16 Nov 2022 - View Release
  9. IOSCO Reviews Implementation of Liquidity Risk Management Recommendations
    16 Nov 2022 - View Release
  10. IOSCO Statement on Financial Reporting and Disclosure during Economic Uncertainty - The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) emphasizes issuers’ need for fair, transparent and timely disclosure about impacts of economic uncertainty
    14 Nov 2022 - View Release
  11. IOSCO outlines regulatory priorities for sustainability disclosures, mitigating greenwashing and promoting integrity in carbon markets
    09 Nov 2022 - View Release
  12. IOSCO consults on the development of sound and well-functioning carbon markets
    09 Nov 2022 - View Release
  13. IOSCO Annual Meeting appoints new Chair and takes forward its ambitious work plan
    21 Oct 2022 - View Release
  14. The IOSCO MMOU: 20 Years of Facilitating Cross-Border Enforcement Cooperation
    21 Oct 2022 - View Release
  15. Monitoring Group Welcomes the Appointment of Board Members to the IESBA and the IAASB
    20 Oct 2022 - View Release
  16. IOSCO and IVSC collaborate to explore international valuation approaches and the quality of financial information for investors
    20 Oct 2022 - View Release
  17. Jean-Paul Servais appointed Chair of the New IOSCO Board
    19 Oct 2022 - View Release
  18. Survey on interaction between Index Providers and Asset Managers
    13 Oct 2022 - View Release
  19. IOSCO issues regulatory measures to address increasing risks and challenges from digitalisation of retail marketing and distribution
    12 Oct 2022 - View Release
  20. The IOSCO World Investor Week delivered key messages on investor education and investor protection around the globe
    11 Oct 2022 - View Release