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IOSCO and the ISSB joint press conference during IOSCO's 49th Annual Meeting in Athens (28 May 2024)

  • IOSCO and the ISSB held a joint press conference on 28 May during IOSCO's 29th Annual Meeting in Athens, which touched on the latest progress on the development and adoption of sustainability disclosures aimed at the capital markets. IOSCO endorsed the ISSB Standards in July last year.

    Speakers included Jean-Paul Servais, Chair of IOSCO, Emanuel Faber, Chair of the ISSB and Dr Mohamed Farid, Chair of IOSCO's Growth & Emerging Markets Committee.

    Please click here for a recording of the event.

Get ready for jurisdictional adoption: How regulators are responding to the ISSB Standards (23 February 2024)

IOSCO Chair discusses sustainability disclosures during COP28 (December 2023)

IOSCO endorses the ISSB’s Sustainability-related Financial Disclosures Standards (25 July 2023)

Q&A with Martin Moloney, IOSCO Secretary General (16 March 2022)

Secretary General of IOSCO Martin Moloney on ESG Ratings and Data Providers (23 November 2021)

International Trends in Sustainability: The View of Market Supervisors, Secretary General of IOSCO Martin Moloney on a panel organized by the Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores, Madrid (November 2021)

IOSCO Chair and ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft on cyber crime (3 September 2014)

Crashing Ashore: Scandal and the Future of Financial Regulation (September 2014)

The Future of Financial Regulation Series (June 2014)

  • The Future of Financial Regulation Series
    In a series of interviews commissioned by the Centre for International Finance and Regulation, Professor Justin O'Brien discusses the future of financial regulation with IOSCO Chair Greg Medcraft, vice-Chair Howard Wetston, Secretary General David Wright and Ashley Alder, Chair of the IOSCO Asia-Pacific Regional Committee and Chair of the IOSCO Task Force on Cross-Border Regulation.

Regulating Financial Systems, CNBC Interview - New York, United States (24 April 2013)

Transcript of the IOSCO Public Roundtable on Auditing - Paris, France (1 June 2007)

IOSCO Public Roundtable Discussion on Auditing - Paris, France (1 June 2007)